Alt/D9 THCP Tincture

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  • Each vial contains one serving of 3mL
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  • MCT Oil
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract


Place one vial of Alt/D9 sublingual (under the tongue) and allow 20-30 seconds for absorption. Do not consume more than one container of this product within 24 hours.

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7 reviews for Alt/D9 THCP Tincture

  1. Zen

    This is the perfect thing if you want to experience a higher sensory experience with vivid punctuations and a profound, euphoric feeling. What’s nice about the high is that it doesn’t come with a drastic low like a lot of other mild psychoactive substances. I’ve recommended this to a lot of my friends already and high-ly suggest it! 🙂

    • admin

      Glad you had a great experience. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Frank Suess

    Great product to relax at home or share with your friends. It gave me a feeling of euphoria which we all need during these stressful times. Better than alcohol or certain prescription drugs because you wake up with a clear head, ready to go.

    • admin

      Great to hear you had a positive experience, Frank. Thanks!

  3. admin

    Glad to hear you had a relaxed and focused experience, JP!

  4. Todd Packer

    Your admin photo is the same as the first review. Get real reviews please.

    • admin

      Hi Todd,
      That was my mistake. I was testing the review plugin and forgot to remove the test review. I assure you all other reviews here are legitimate from actual users.

  5. Joseph Poveromo

    This product tastes great and gives you a relaxed, euphoric feeling!

  6. gusfring


  7. gusfring

    Great experience

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