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Delta-8 gummies

What is Alt/D9?

Alt/D9 is an herbal blend of legally sourced hemp-derived cannabinoids that produce relaxing and euphoric feelings

Delta-8 gummies, key lime flavor

What are the benefits?

  • IT’S LEGAL! Because Alt/D9 comes from legally farmed and extracted hemp, and Delta-9 THC levels are below federally mandated 0.3% levels, you can consume the product legally wherever hemp is legal.
  • IT’S CONVENIENT! Alt/D9 products are easy to carry and ingest at the user’s convenient time.
  • IT’S DISCREET. Alt/D9 is small and comes in discreet and secure packaging. It can easily fit in your pocket. Alt/D9 is easy to consume without attracting attention or producing the aromas associated with smoking or vaporization.
  • IT’S AN EXPERIENCE. Consuming Alt/D9 provides a unique experience that can be had by yourself or shared with others who also consume Alt/D9.
  • IT’S A GREAT VALUE. The price of Alt/D9 is minimal for the many hours of enjoyment you are likely to experience.
Delta-8 gummies, key lime flavor

Who is Alt/D9 for?

 Alt/D9 is good for anyone who wants to take the edge off or who wants to experience long-lasting euphoria.

Alt/D9 is a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you’re planning on relaxing and unwinding, or searching for a feeling of euphoria Alt/D9 has something to offer you. It’s legal, safe, and fun so try Alt/D9 today!

Alt/D9 presents entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity. Become a wholesale distributor and be a first mover in an industry that is on its way to reaching its tipping point.

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